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Committed to providing quality services at competitive rates to the construction industry.

Meet The Fucich Team

Introducing some of our talented team members:
Our management team utilizes their combined years of training and experience to ensure all work to be high quality, cost effective and productive.
  1. Kenny Fucich- Founder/Owner President and Executive Project Manager
    Kenny has over 22 years of experience in the piping, tubing, welding and boilmaker. He began as a pipe apprentice in 1979 at Echo Fabricators in Mandeville, LA. where he learned pipefitting and welding skills. Kenny has worked for years all over the country as a pipe/tube welder and pipefitter for various companies. Kenny has been Foreman, General Foreman and Field Superintendant for Rust, BE&K, Zachary and Brown & Root. He has worked Paper mills, Power Plants, Chemical Plants and Oil Refineries. Kenny owned half of Fucich Contracting and served as manager of all field operations and quality control. Kenny ran the field for 10 years. Including material procurement, subcontractor coordinator and all field personnel.
  2. Mark Rogers- C0-Founder - Co-Owner/ Field Superintendent
    You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear. Mark brings 20+ years of construction experience into Fucich LLC. Mark has worked as a structural fitter, welder, pipefitter, pipe welder and supervisor. Mark has worked all over the country for various contractors. For 4 years, Mark was the Lead Field supervisor for Fucich Contracting overseeing all aspects of projects including personnel, subcontractors and material. Mark has extensive training in Boiler Repair and Maintenance. He handles outages and our industrial jobs.
  3. Terry Turnbow- Co-Owner/Project Manager
    T.R. has been with Fucich LLC since 2004 and now oversees our larger projects and outages. He is a top pipe fitter and an expert on the HRSG repairs and work we do. His responsibilities include scheduling & estimating, ordering material & equipment, assigning personnel and tool trailer/logistics among many others. TR is responsible for much of the day to day operations of Fucich LLC.
  4. Regina Peterson- C.O.S.S/Co-Owner
    Regina is a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist and our Safety/Personnel Manager. She keeps all employee safety training up to date and keeps our Safety program compliant.
  5. Barbara Crowe- Office Manager/Co-Owner
    Barbara manages Fucich LLC™s office and administrative operations in Bay St. Louis, MS. Barbara oversees all payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and all other administrative duties. Fucich LLC runs smoothly because of Barbaras countless administrative qualities.
  6. Daniel Kassian- Co-Owner/ Field Superintendent
    Daniel does the majority of our emergency tube repairs. His experience in conventional boilers greatly adds to Fucich LLC™s commitment to quality. Dano oversees outages and boiler related work. His tube welding abilities and 20+ years of boiler experience makes him invaluable to Fucich LLC.
  7. Allen Edwards - Co-Owner Scaffold & Insulation Project Manager/ Field Super
    Allen heads up our insulation and scaffold side. His responsibilities include estimating & scheduling work, ordering material, assigning supervisors and workers to jobs and maintaining the Fucich LLC safety and quality standards. Allen also runs HRSG outages and repairs. His organizational skills ensure that his jobs will run smoothly and efficiently and his commitment to safety and quality can be seen in every job he’s over. Allen’s responsibilities include a large part of Fucich LLC’s day to day operations.
  8. Tanner Powell - Field Superintendent
    Taner runs Outages and Projects. Tanner's skill set is diversified, he oversees work including scaffolding, insulation, welding, and structural. Tanner is a good all around Supervisor.
  9. Chris Plaisance - Field Superintendent
    Chris is one of our qualified cade welders and is a top pipe fitter. He has worked with Fucich LLC since 2004. He has extensive HRSG experience including flex seals, casing seals, inner liner, piping, valves and heavy wall chrome and much more. As a certified rigger he supervises the work we do that includes rigging such as the duct burner replacements we do. His knowledge, experience and safety training serve Fucich LLC well in Safety and Quality.

Fucich LLC Contact Directory

Barbara Crowe
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E-mail   barbaracrowe@hughes.net

Kenny Fucich

Terry Turnbow

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 Home 334-366-5655
 E-mail     kfucich@hughes.net

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Mark Rogers

Daniel Kassain

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Allen Edwards

Regina Peterson

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