Fucich LLC

Committed to providing quality services at competitive rates to the construction industry.

Our Services

Pipe Fabrication and Erection

- Provide qualified, skilled craftsman capable of safely fabricating and erecting piping systems in all sorts of work environments.
-Provide fitters and welders with working knowledge of standard and exotic piping materials and ability to weld all.
-Qualify welders to existing procedures or new procedures
-Provide qualified craftsman for repairs and alterations to Boiler piping and ASME pressure piping and all necessary documentation required by the State and NBIC.

Instrument and Hydraulic tubing

-Provide workers with the skills to bend and Install tubing for any application  

-We can run tubing in all sizes from the smallest to the largest bores available, using various joining techniques including welded joints, sweat joints, compression fittings and swaged connections

Mechanical Maintenance Services

- Provide highly skilled workers with experience working in existing facilities under all operating conditions
B)   Work closely with plant personnel to reduce down time and operating cost by optimizing opportunities to implement repairs and modifications.
-Provide personnel to accurately analyze mechanical systems setup and perform maintenance services on existing equipment/systems and required documentation.
-Provide for other services specifically for your needs and requirements.

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Service

-Perform repairs and alterations to boilers and boiler piping including HRSG’s, Conventional Boilers and Recovery Boilers
-PROVIDE SKILLED Code welders on all types and materials of tube and pipe repairs
-Repair procedures for all Tube leaks in HRSG’s and conventional boilers.
-Perform repairs and alterations to unfired pressure vessels and associated piping systems.

Heat Treat Service

Insulation and Scaffolding Services

Fucich LLC offers insulation and scaffold services under the supervision and experience of Allen Edwards.  His Responsibilities include;
-Providing the job with skilled labor, equipment, and material to properly implement the work.
-Provide job with technical knowledge and quality integrity.
-Responsible for safety, productivity, and scheduling.
-Responsible for maintaining a good working relationship with the customer.
Lavon Bees and Tanner Powell push the crews under Allen.

-No project is too big or too small.  We have the necessary resources and
experience to scaffold an individual platform or an entire plant.  Our
professional scaffolding teams can build, inspect and dismantle and scaffold system.  Fucich LLC can have a scaffold system designed that will best fit your needs.
 Our experience extends to all types of projects;
-Maintenance, outages, turnarounds, and capital/new projects.
-Hot and cold protection, heat conservation, personnel protection and acoustic installation.

All Types of facilities and equipment
- Coal fired boilers
-Selective Catalytic Reduction (SRC) units
-Wet and Dry scrubbers
-I.D., F.D. and P.A. fans
-Tanks and Vessels
-Process Piping
-Steam and Combustion Turbines
-Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection

We Fab and Erect Platforms, Stairs, Ladders, and handrails
We work with Gulf South Engineering if Stamped Drawings are required.
We can fab in our shop have components galvanized, delivered and erect where needed.​

Supply qualified technicians and equipment needed to preheat and Post Weld Heat Treat high energy piping welds as required by ASME.