Fucich LLC was founded in 2010 by Kenny Fucich and Mark Rogers and is now employee owned. Our admin office is based in Bay St. Louis, MS. and its field operations are based in Maplesville, AL. Kenny owned half of Fucich Contracting, Inc. and ran its field operations for 10 years. Mark was a Field Superintendent for Fucich Contracting, Inc. for 4 years. We are committed to providing Quality services at competitive rates to the Construction Industry, specializing in Heat Recovery Steam Generators, utilizing our extensive skills and knowledge gained through years of experience and hard work.

We have a State Contractor’s License for the States of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, and Florida. We are also set up to work in Texas, Illinois, and Missouri and can add States as needed.

We specialize in:

  •  Industrial, Commercial, and Hydraulic piping
  •  Mechanical Maintenance services
  •  Combined Cycle heat recovery steam generators
  • Industrial Insulation and Scaffolding
  • Structural Fabrication and Erection
  • Heat Treat and NDE (MT & PT)

Fucich LLC is a small company with a low overhead and highest quality personnel. We can ensure quality, low cost results in a timely manner by providing services to our clients whenever and wherever needed.  We can put skilled insulators and scaffold builders on your job along with trained competent person supervisors.  We offer these services at a lower price than other contractors

Fucich LLC is willing to take on jobs of all sizes and able to staff those jobs with skilled workers and NCCER tested craftsman for optimal results.